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Get in the Zone

Everyone is stressed about something in their life; whether you’re a student, a parent, an employee, a business owner, an athlete, a husband or wife, or all of the above! When you are stressed it’s hard to focus on other aspects of your life. It becomes difficult to switch off your mind from the stress and try to deal with other activities that you want to do in your day, like training. But this blog post isn't about dealing with stress. This is about getting in the zone for training. But how are you supposed to do that?

Let’s learn how to get in the zone!

1. Make sure that you actually love training! It’s so much easier to get in the zone of doing something that you are passionate about. If you are training because you ‘have’ to, then it becomes even more difficult to give your full effort. Either change your type of training, or try to revisit your reasons for starting. Because if it’s important to you and it makes you happy, you’ll find a way to do it.

2. Prepare yourself mentally before training. Before even entering your gym, while you’re driving, or as soon as you put on your workout clothes, start preparing your mind for training. Visualize yourself killing the workout and performing well. Visualize yourself enjoying your time while training. If you have a workout plan, go through it and mentally prepare yourself for the exercises that you will be doing.

3. Focus on the present and don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future. Get in the zone for training by keeping your thoughts focused on what you have to do for today to reach your final goal. Don’t let the pressure of achieving that final goal get to you though. By focusing only on the steps you have to do for that day it helps get you in the zone (keeping in mind that having a plan makes this possible, without one it’s hard to reach a specific goal).

4. And finally for the fun stuff! Have some caffeine if necessary. You can stick to regular coffee or sip on your favorite pre-workout supplement to give you that extra boost. Listen to your favorite songs that get you pumped. Watch videos from YouTube of your favorite athletes and visualize yourself training just as hard as them. Or even browse the photos of your favorite social media accounts with motivational quotes or inspiring photos that get you ready to hit the gym.

I personally do ALL of the above before training. Having a very full schedule, a never ending to-do list, and feeling restless all day… I have to put in the extra effort everyday to get in the mood for training. But that’s okay! Because I love it and it’s worth it. Find what works for you and get in the zone!

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