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Training with Intention

We already know that living your life with intention will make you so much more fulfilled and happier. Living life with intention means getting off the autopilot, not just going with the flow and performing daily habits like a robot. Living with intention means having a purpose, a goal, or a plan for how you want your life to be.

I want to focus on discussing training with intention or being an intentional athlete.

Do you just show up to training with no goal and no purpose? Do you perform your workouts just to get it done, without a plan to be better? Do you make statements when you aren’t giving effort in training that “it wasn’t a good workout”, or “it’s too difficult”, and just fall back on those excuses when things get tough? Are you settling for an okay performance just to go with the flow or out of comfort?

Did you know that you could choose how you train, how you develop, and how fast you can progress? You can choose to be an intentional athlete and that will make you better.

First step is deciding what it is you want. This first step is important. It needs to be a clear goal that you actually care about and see yourself committing to. Then you need to figure out your daily actions that you need to do to work towards it.

Before your next workout, ask yourself what you intend to do that day and why. What are you expecting of yourself for todays training and what is it that you want to be able to achieve. How will you go about tackling any challenges you might face? Is there something you need to do to prepare physically or mentally? How will your actions today help you get closer to your goals?

Just like anything worthwhile in life, being intentional will require extra effort. But the benefits will make it worth it. Because it's the meaningful choices that you make everyday that will determine your success.


“I will break up todays reps so that I can be consistent.”

“I intend to lift heavier than I did the last time I trained this movement.”

“I will perform my post workout stretches with intent so that I can benefit from them and not just hold the positions without any body-mind connection.”

“I will check how many reps of unbroken pull-ups I was able to do last time and work on increasing that number today.”

“I will do my best for today even though I am feeling tired. I will not let that be an excuse for not giving full effort. But I will not be comparing myself”

“I am not afraid of failure and will continue to push harder during the workout. I can set a plan and if it doesn’t work, then move on to plan B. But I will not quit.”

“I intend to be better than I was yesterday.”

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