Avoiding Unrealistic Goals

We previously discussed the difference between outcome goals and action goals. With one of them you clearly state the final outcome you want and the other helps you set process goals to reach that outcome.

Let’s talk about setting realistic goals versus unrealistic goals. In other words, you need to set an ATTAINABLE goal. For a goal to be attainable or realistic it means to be “capable of being accomplished”.   Before explaining any further, I’ll give examples of unattainable/unrealistic goals:

1. Pointing at a fitness model on Instagram and deciding you want to have the EXACT body as that person. (These fitness models dedicate their life to look like that. Do you know how much work and sacrifice goes into looking a certain way? You have to be willing to be so committed. The most important point though is everyone’s body is different, genetically. You will never have her body but you can reach your full potential and create the most amazing body that is YOURS.) 

2. Looking at a young, elite athlete such as Lauren Fisher and deciding I want to be JUST like her in 1 year. (Do you know that Lauren Fisher has been going to a CrossFit gym since she was 10 years old? She is now 20 or 21 years old. That is 10 years of training. Do you have 10 years of training? Consistent training and hard work and dedication? Commit and you can be whatever you want, just don’t be blind to the amount of time and work it needs.) 

3. Deciding you want to get a muscle-up in a month. (Can you do a pull-up without a band? Can you do an unassisted ring dip? How strong is your upper body? Do you know how to kip? Before you even think of learning the technique of an advanced movement you need to have your base strength. It took me 2 years to get my first muscle-up and I still struggle with it.) 

There are infinite examples of unrealistic goals. The problem with these goals is that it’s not possible to achieve them the way you want which will lead you to get discouraged and give up. Some goals are not possible, like looking exactly like someone else. Other goals people don’t realize the amount of work and time it needs to achieve them.

Here are examples of realistic/attainable goals:

1. I do pull-ups with a blue band and I want to be able to switch to the red band by the end of the month. 

2. I have created a healthy meal plan and my goal is to stick to it without cheating for 30 days. 

3. My goal is to improve my snatch technique. I will practice snatching at least 3 times a week before thinking about adding more weight. 

4. I have lost 1kg in the last month and my goal is to lose 1 more by the end of the second month. 

5. I want to join my first CrossFit competition. My goal is to train at least 5-6 times a week and work on my weakness so I can perform well in competition day. 

All these goals can be achieved! They have a good, realistic time frame and most importantly, part of the goal is specifying the work that needs to be done in order to achieve it.

Hope this helps you in creating your own realistic goals and start working towards them!

Reach for the stars but understand you need to build a rocket first to get there. 

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