Experience The Open

The 2017 Open is about to start and it’s the biggest worldwide event for the CrossFit community. This will not be a blog post about what the Open is, you can find everything you need here. This post is for the affiliate members, the regular CrossFitters who don’t have competition as a goal. You, especially, should sign up for the Open.

The Open is so much more than just a competition or test of fitness. If competition is something that you aren’t interested in or it scares you, see it as participating in something that is much bigger than that. The five weeks of the Open, is a time to experience the power of the CrossFit community. You will not forget how you felt during an Open workout. It’s not like doing a regular, any other day workout. You would be sharing that workout, those emotions, that experience with the CrossFit community around the world. It’s a powerful thing.

Last year at CrossFit Q8, the girls who participated in the Open created new and stronger friendships. They challenged themselves to try the Open and boy did they surprise themselves with their performance. For them, it wasn't about the leaderboard, it wasn’t about the score, it was about that moment in a workout when you realize you had just broke past the limits you set for yourself. Most of the girls who participated last year got many ‘firsts’. First double-unders, first snatch, first pull-up, first toes to bar. The Open was an experience that allowed the girls to understand CrossFit even more. Seeing people in other gyms, their friends, their coaches, athletes on social media, and people around the world experiencing the same thing at the same time made them realize that they were part of something special. It made them appreciate the sport even more. The Open is more than just a competition; it’s an experience.

Get pumped about the Open and stay up to date with all the excitement within the CrossFit community by checking CrossFit HQ YouTube page, Instagram, and the Games website.

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