Goal Setting: Outcome Goals vs. Action Goals

“Anyone can set a goal, but not everyone can accomplish a goal.”

When you are first starting your fitness journey or have already started and looking to progress even further, it’s important to understand how to set goals. Goal setting is a way to enhance your present reality on your way to reaching your final outcome.

Most people will have an idea of what their goals are such as: lifting a specific weight, winning a competition, getting a muscle-up, losing or gaining a specific number of kilos, etc. It’s good to know what you want but these are all called OUTCOME goals. Outcome goals are things you want to happen or be able to do. But people don’t realize they are missing the most important step…and that is ACTION goals. It’s not just about setting goals; you need to identify how you will reach these goals. Action goals are setting smaller goals that will help you reach your outcome goal. For example, if you want to lose weight you can set action goals such as: eliminating junk food or drinking more water. Or if your outcome goal is to get a muscle-up, your action goals should be something like training pull-ups and ring dips 3 times a week. Another example of an outcome goal can be doing more mobility. Your action goal can be spending 10 to 15 minutes daily doing foam rolling/mobility/or yoga.

ACTION goals help you focus on what needs to be done, the work you need to actually do in order to reach your OUTCOME goal. As the quote goes, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”.

When we revisit the topic of goal setting, we will go further into how to set realistic goals vs. unrealistic goals.

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