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I’m a CrossFit Level-2 trainer (coaching since January 2013), and the general manager of my husband’s gym CrossFit Q8, the first affiliated box in Kuwait since 2012). I’m also a competitive athlete with my most significant achievements being my qualification to the Reebok CrossFit Asia Regional in 2013 as the first individual Arab and GCC woman to do so. As well as my first place finish at Battle of the East in Kuwait in 2015.

My biggest accomplishment in life, is being a mother to my two girls. They are my life and my purpose for everything I do.

As a CrossFit trainer, and having worked closely with women, coaching PT, group classes, and online, I am so passionate about helping women discover their potential in life through health and fitness. I worked with a wide age groups, fitness levels, beginners to advanced, but I especially have a soft spot for mothers. Helping them navigate their fitness during pregnancy and after as they transition into motherhood is one of my biggest passions. Overall I want women to feel empowered and to build their confidence through fitness. 

Currently juggling motherhood, a business, coaching, training, and a couple of side hustles, I hope to inspire women to set big goals and work hard to achieve them, but most importantly to enjoy the journey of fitness. If that’s something you are interested in, I hope to help you bring that vision to life!


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