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CrossFit Q8

CrossFit Q8 was the first affiliated CrossFit gym to open in Kuwait!

Spreading the word on a new sport in Kuwait, the first group of members were invited into the ‘box’ in April 2012. The owner and head coach is Yousef Albaqsami along with his wife Haya Alsharhan who coaches the women’s classes.

Our first location was in a basement in Shaab al-Bahry. From there, the CrossFit Q8 mentality was born. Everyday members came and trained hard by breaking their limits and moving in ways they never expected their bodies would be capable of doing. CrossFit Q8 is known for its competitive training program and our athletes have been very successful in many local and international competitions. The intensity of our workouts for our competitor’s classes and our regular CrossFit classes creates a special bond between the members as they sweat and get stronger together.

The community kept growing and now CrossFit Q8’s current location is in Kuwait Sports Club in Kaifan.

If you decide to join CrossFit Q8 know that you are about to have your life transformed. Our members are happier and healthier than ever before inside and outside of the gym. Our limited group classes and one-on-one private training allow our coaches to focus on each member to help them succeed in reaching their goals.

At CrossFit Q8 we build relationships with our clients. Taking care of the members and providing them with quality training is top priority. CrossFit Q8 has created an atmosphere that’s suitable for all ages and backgrounds. The clients range from young kids to adults over 40 years old, clients with old injuries to competitive athletes in CrossFit or other sports. All members are guaranteed to receive the help they need by our passionate coaches to reach their specific goals.

Interested in knowing more? We offer consultations and you can visit us to see one of our group classes and get to know the CrossFit experience for yourself.

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