No Pain, No Gain? When You Should Stop Pushing Through The Pain

When you start to feel pain somewhere in your body during training, it’s your brain trying to send you signals that something needs to change. Every time you ignore that signal, the body will increase the pain until you listen. When you completely ignore and don’t take care of your body, that’s when you are asking for an injury to happen.

There is much to be said about pain, injuries, pain after injuries, pain from stress, and the list goes on. It’s a very complex topic. But let’s keep it simple. Here are a few tips to help you decide how to deal with pain:

1. As soon as you feel pain, stop what you are doing.

2. Try to do the same movement again, but slowly. It there’s no pain then continue the movement at the same slowed down pace. If there is still pain then…

3. Decrease the weight in the movement. If there’s no pain then continue with the lighter load. If there is still pain then…

4. Change the movement completely to something that won’t cause pain but allow you to continue training.

5. If any movement you do still causes pain, then stop. It's okay. Take the time off that you need to heal. Take care of your recovery. And you will get back to training in no time. 

There’s a difference between feeling ‘pain’ from a workout because it’s tough and your muscles are getting fatigued; and pain that might lead to an injury. That’s why it’s so important to train smart and learn to understand your body. No one can understand your body and the way it reacts other than yourself. Communicating with your coach is also key. When something just doesn’t feel right, don’t push even harder and have to regret it later.

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