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Beginner / Intermediate Gymnastic Program – Level 1



GOAL: gymnastic strength & skill

FOCUS: push & pull focused training 3x a week to increase strength in gymnastics. This program can be added to your current training program. But try not to add more upper body work on other days, since this program is heavy on upper body strength. 

HOW TO PROGRESS: record your repetitions, rounds, and variation of exercises that you did. So that each week you can try to improve and test yourself if you are getting stronger. If you are using resistance band, record the color so you can go with a lighter band as you get stronger. 

هدف البرنامج :

تقويات لمهارات محدده بتمارين وزن الجسم.

اي لاعب حاب يتطور سواءا لاعب كروسفت ، كالاستناتكس ، موانع او لايف ستايل. 

مدة الجدول من شهر الي شهرين.