When you set a goal for yourself; whether it is winning a CrossFit competition, losing weight, getting your first pull-up, or running a faster 5k, it isn’t about how badly you want it. When you want to reach a goal, it is about how much work you are willing to do and what you are willing to sacrifice in order to reach it.

Most life transforming goals and things you dream of achieving require you to embrace the hard journey to reach it. There is no easy way. Of course you don’t have to sacrifice everything, I’m talking about sacrificing things that stand in the way of reaching your goal. Activities or habits that can be set aside as you work towards achieving what you truly desire.

What are you willing to sacrifice to reach your fitness goals?

Time spent with family – ordering dessert – social gatherings – putting extra time in the gym – giving up the daily Starbucks Frappuccino – using your money to buy healthy food and gym memberships instead of material things – doing the boring work in training like cardio or accessory lifts – sleeping early to help your body recover instead of staying up all night watching reruns of your favorite show…

It’s about how much you are willing to do and sacrifice in order to reach your goal. If your goal isn’t that important to you then you don’t have to give up anything, just leave that goal a distant dream and continue to live in your comfortable routine. In the end the choice is yours.

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