Strength Training: More Than Just Building Muscle

Strength training helps you build muscle mass (no that does not mean “bulky”). Gaining muscle mass provides many benefits to your body. To list a few:

-More bone density (protects you from injuries as you age)

-Less overall pain (stronger body, move correctly, less injuries)

-Better quality of life (more strength to play with kids, enjoy life)

-Improved posture (stronger muscles, more balance)

-Reduction in symptoms of some illnesses (reduce heart disease and type II diabetes)

-Better performance (even helps endurance athletes avoid chronic pain and joint pain)

But did you know that strength training provides so much more benefits than just physiological? It teaches you things you might not be able to experience elsewhere. Keep reading to discover things that you didn’t know about or maybe you have already noticed some of these lessons after starting to train with weights…

1. Strength training keeps your ego in check. Some people will try to do too much too quickly, and the barbell will humble you. Put on more weight than you can handle, it will remind you that you can’t just skip the process. Sometimes it’s good to have a reality check, and in this case, you are getting it from the bar.

2. Strength training will teach you to be patient. Like the previous point, you can’t skip all the hard work and assume you’ll do as you wish. The bar will force you to practice patience. You will start to understand this and celebrate your small achievements and PR’s and that extra rep in a workout.

3. Strength training teaches you the importance of consistency. You can’t train for a month then skip another month and come back assuming you will be able to perform just as good as before. Same as you can’t do one good workout and think you’re suddenly stronger. It’s putting in work day by day, week by week, month by month and that consistency will show you the results you want.

4. Strength training doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you’re from, how much you weigh, what shape your body is, what limitations you have. Anyone can lift, one way or another. Strength training is for everyone.

5. Strength training allows you to discover the amazing things your body can do. Things you never imagined you would be doing or even be able to do ever. “I can’t do a pull-up” or “I can’t deadlift twice my bodyweight.” You soon learn that those things are achievable with time and hard work. You will view yourself in a wonderfully empowering new way. It’s not about how your body looks all the time; it’s about what your body can do.

6. Strength training doesn’t only build your body, but also your mind. There aren’t many experiences that can increase your mental toughness as much as a challenging workout that has you screaming on the inside wanting to stop. But you learn that your body and mind can handle much more than you think. By pushing through those mental barriers of wanting to stop you are building your mental toughness.

All these lessons can be applied in other areas of your life. For me personally, the amount of ways strength training has helped me become a better me are too numerous to list.

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