Traveling? Don’t Stop Training!

If you will be traveling the month of August, don’t let that derail you from continuing to work on your fitness goals. You can still eat healthy and get a good workout in when on vacation.

Whenever we plan a trip, we always plan ahead to make sure we can get in our training while we are away. If you do CrossFit, find out where the nearest box is to where you are staying. Check what their policy is for new members who are visiting. Ask about their classes and open box hours. Do you want to join their class or do a walk-in and follow your own training program? We make sure we have the answers to all of these questions so that we don’t have to worry. If you can’t make it to a CrossFit box, then you can still get in a good workout in your hotel gym. There are countless resources online of hotel workouts. Don’t get stuck using the treadmill or elliptical machine only!

If you only have access to equipment from a hotel gym, I’m sure they will have dumbbells available. Did you know that you could basically do almost every barbell movement in CrossFit with a dumbbell? You can do dumbbell squats, lunges, thrusters, press, push jerk, swings, overhead squats, dumbbell cleans and snatches.

There is no excuse to why you can’t continue your workouts. If you’re traveling with family and they have everyday planned out, then wake up a little early and get your workout in before you start your day! Or if you’re out and have one hour to spare, join a class in the nearest box! It’s important to keep your routine of working out as often as you can even while traveling.

Here is a list of some resources that include workouts:

The Traveling WODs

CrossFit Travel WODs

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CrossFit mainsite WODs:

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