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What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit referred to as the “sport of fitness” is simply defined as constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements designed for universal scalability.

CrossFit workouts cater to your individual fitness level. If you have no experience going into your first class, your workout will be set at a beginner’s level.

Whether you’re an athlete or a beginner, everyone does the same workout. The differences are the intensity levels and the volume depending on your age, weight, strength, endurance, and flexibility. A typical CrossFit training session will give you a full body workout in 60 minutes. Most workouts combine body weight movements such as pushups and squats, as well as endurance and strength movements like rowing, running, presses, and box jumps. CrossFit focuses on building a body capable of daily activities and it tailors your body so it is better able to handle real life situations.

What’s the best part about CrossFit? Other than feeling stronger and fitter, the community and the relationships you will build with your fellow members and coaches is not something you would find at your regular gym.

At CrossFit Q8 you will experience everything this sport has to offer: fitness, friendly competitive atmosphere, weight loss, strength gains, training with passionate and qualified coaches, and becoming part of our community.

Join us now and you just might discover your inner athlete! 

CrossFit, Inc.

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